All the Entertainment News No One Cares About

The following is just mindless drivel that seems to be filling up my nightly news viewing, and The Huffington Post.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay the thief.

No, wait. I take that back.

I’m trying to think of a month in the past two years in which she was mentioned in a good light, a positive way. Yeah, I can’t either.

Can no one rein this woman in?

The Kardashian’s

If ever there was a train-wreck of a family, I dare you to name one that beats the Kardashian’s.

Someone still needs to tell me what exactly do they do. Famous for being famous is not a skill, talent, or god-given gift. It’s being part of the Paris Hilton entourage and making sure the camera gets your best side in your sex tape(s).

And there’s something about a former nanny that’s trying to sell………….yawn…..

The Duggars

There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear….

At least one of the kids wants to escape.

But on so many levels this family is wrong. So very wrong. I know, I know, don’t judge….until you’ve walked a mile…pa-leeeez.

You have nineteen kids. Kids are taking care of kids. What’s the likelihood of something going wrong there? How can you say this is good parenting? How can any of the children say they are receiving positive-reinforcement, let alone the love they need, they so desire from their parents?

This family is a case study for psychiatrist and social workers.

And when something eventually goes terribly wrong, do we blame them, the network, us? Are we just a witness, an innocent bystander? Did we allow, condone, approve, or is watching this family our idea of zoning out as we park ourselves in front of the TV after a long day and let the “reality” wash over us

Listen I love kids as much as the next parent, but not only would I not be able to provide for nineteen (since the family is getting network money then it can be argued that Jim Bob & Michelle are being enabled to increase their brood), but there would be no way that I’d be able to give each the personal attention needed. 


She had a baby boy. Congrats to her and…her family

I think she was quoted as saying, “Babies are cool” as she was wheeled out of the hospital.

Perhaps she can hire the Kardashian’s former nanny. Just a thought.

Paula Abdul

She walked away from American Idol, slid over to X Factor, then there was another show that she walked away from that no one can remember, and now, apparently “she knows the value of television”?


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