Do you care?


I own Disney stock. I don’t have any insider information, I’m not on their board, and I too have to be invited before stepping on the studio lot.


Okay then…

Did you know or Do you Care: Apparently Monday morning was the start of The Today Show‘s launch of “Fresh Cooks Live: Today’s Spring Cookalong” which is a multi platform of TV/internet/social media…

I don’t understand why they did this. In the ratings game where EVERYONE is trying to capture a younger audience, The Today Show turns to cooking. Perhaps they’re trying to get this generation to understand that it is an important skill to have.

Did you know or Do you Care: ABC Family dropped the pilot Alice in Arabia, about an American teen kidnapped and taken to Saudi Arabia.

Since I have not read the script, but just based on their press release, and poorly titled show I’ll try not to be too harsh. But…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A.B.C FAMILY? This is the same network that is doing a wonderful, groundbreaking show about a lesbian couple raising five kids called The Fosters.

Did you know or Do you care: Disney is gonna buy YouTube network Maker Studios for $500 million. Maker Studios touts 55K YouTube channels with 380-million subscribers, and 5.5 billion views per month.

Apparently the House of Mouse is still under the philosophy that eye-balls equals dollars.

To end all this…it ceases to amaze me that the “networks” try to emulate the successes of those on paid-cable, and fail so badly.

The top shows do not have A-list actors.

They have actors that came from the stage.

The top shows do not have celebrities making guest appearances, they have fans that would kill to have a role.

The top shows do not have “pretty people” headlining to appease some made up demographic. They have intelligent, professional actors who care about the story, the characters themselves, and the people they’ll be working with.

With the continued successes of Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Shameless, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Mad Men…it just boggles my mind how the networks want to emulate these shows with gorgeous twenty-somethings and totally forget that these shows have the mass audiences that they have due to the story.

In every interview I’ve seen about the above mentioned shows every actor stated that they were captured by the story and the character.

The good shows, the successful shows, the shows that people will talk about ten years from now are about the story and the characters. Story first – then talent. Talent is oh-so very important, don’t get me wrong. It’s a fine mix, and I dare you to go back through TV history and point out a top show that had talent that had no stage experience.

Why have the networks walked away from something so very vital, and yet so very basic?

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