Try is for wimps, doing is for you

Are you done with me talking about resistance?

I am.

Well, maybe just not yet.

I think I’ve established that resistance is just a bully. It has no real strength of its own, and its power derives entirely upon our fear of it. I know it will continue to rear its ugly head, and just like Whack-A-Mole, I’ll do my best to keep smacking it down.

What I want to talk about next are those people, things that happen that we really cannot explain, that give us inspiration, guidance, a nudge, comfort…some call it divine intervention, or angels, or whatever…whatever you’re comfortable with, but there are forces at play that I’d like to refer to as, allies.

Resistance works in mysterious ways to keep us from becoming who we are born to be, and just like physics, there are equal and opposite powers that are against resistance. These are our allies.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” -Yoda

The most important thing we do is to do.

Nothing else really matters except sitting down every day and do.

This is the way of the professional. Maybe the Jedi too, I dunno, its not my skill set.

Okay, so why is this so important? Because when we sit down day after day and keep writing, painting, drawing, creating, we set something in motion. Maybe it’s the power of intention, maybe it’s a laser-like focus that causes outside forces more drawn to us, I dunno, but something mysterious begins to happen. A process seems to be set into motion by which, inevitably and infallibly, the universe responds and comes to our aid. It seems that unseen forces enlist in our cause, and serendipity reinforces our purpose.

Maybe it’s our way of getting that certain someone to take notice.

It’s our way of expressing love, anger, fear, political angst, faith, sexuality…whatever.

Or…we do because it’s who we are.

And its because of who we are that when doing that the rest of the free world, free form political garbage, free from obligations, free from responsibility, accountability…at least for a little while, as you create, form, mold, and give birth to…and as you do this the planets align, the universe answers, the Sun shines, and the gods smile on your side of the street…even if its only mere seconds…and we have an epiphany(s) and moments of pure thought, or brilliance…and we have those waiting on the other end that are there to be a sounding board, to be understanding, to be compassionate, to be sympathetic, empathic, and to knock you around letting you know that you need to get your head back in the game so cut the sh*t, focus, and go create something that exudes…you.

I do for me knowing that the end result will be something that not only will I be able to create something financially for me and mine, but to also put these people I’ve surrounded myself with, gathered along my way…I’ll be able to put some very talented people to work.

Because at the end of the day, all I really want to do is to create something I’ll be proud of, and to surround myself with people so much more talented and creative than myself, so that we can all make a better than average living along the way.

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