The Grey Zone

Here is what’s on my mind…now.

State of the Union.

The President is gonna talk about his roll out of the new immigration plan, the strong economic growth, and the new tax bill benefits that he and and his rotating team have built.

The Democrats will post and pontificate how a narcissist lies so well.

(For those that didn’t get a ticket you won’t understand the typo. Yes, the House of Representatives’ Sergeant at Arms is actually the one responsible for the printing of the tickets)

Not-So Secret Bases

The U.S. military is taking a second look at its guidelines for wireless devices on military personnel after various fitness tracking apps divulge the location of military facilities in some very dangerous locations.

So, if you’re in the military and use Strava, maybe you don’t want to have your account open to the public, or just don’t friend that one guy that’s a member of ISIS.

BBC Evens It Out

Six male anchors at the BBC are taking pay cuts after it was made public that they were paying men more than their female counterparts.

Wouldn’t it be better to raise the pay so that everyone is equal, than to cut the pay so that everyone is equal?

Christie Moves To ABC

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will now become a contributor for ABC News. It’s said that he was chosen due to his relationship with Trump.

What? Are you f*cking kidding me?

Or is this his way of segueing onto Dancing with the Stars?

iPhone X Gets X’d

Apple has announced that it will cut production of it’s iPhone X in half. Experts have proclaimed that it has to do with it’s sluggish sales.

I dunno, at a $1000.00 price tag for a ‘smart device’ that shuts down when it gets too hot or cold, has issues with face recognition, and its camera is two years behind it’s competitors…at least there are plenty of emojis to express my discontent.

Cleveland Indians Logo

The Cleveland Indians baseball organization will remove the controversial Chief logo from their uniforms in 2019.

Hmm, didn’t they announce this a year ago?

Why are they waiting a year to remove the logo? Oh, I know…it was a condition for allowing the Cleveland franchise to host the All-Star game.

Well, good for you Cleveland.

Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers

Tom Hanks has signed on to star as Fred Rogers in You Are My Friend, a movie about the relationship that developed between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod when Junod wrote an article about him in Esquire Magazine in the late 90’s.

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to see Hanks in a big-budget, super hero action movie.