Hello, I’m Sean Edward Barton.

Thanks for stopping by.

In today’s accessible, noisy world its difficult to be heard above the din, so I have created this site, as part of my platform, to expand my visibility, to have my words read.

I am a lot of things to various people but the labels I like best are: Dad & writer.

Yes, I understand that blogging is just CB-radio with text but my blog, this site, is probably not much different. You’re gonna have to decide.

Just being honest.

Just like other sites there’s a certain amount of humor, hubris, and storytelling.

I wrote for a sketch-comedy troupe out of Long Beach that garnered so much success that they broke up due to getting so much work on network television. Then many moons later, I wrote for another comedy troupe out of Los Angeles that ending up winning the top prize for best sketch comedy at Aspen Laugh Fest that they too broke up due to..well, ego. Now, what have I learned from al of this? If you’re not up on the stage, no one knows your name. Eh, it’s the life of a writer.

I have written three different film scripts that made it to the Nicholls Fellowship quarter-finals in three consecutive years, so I have somewhat of an idea what its like to be a bridesmaid.

And…and I was co-host to a little pop-culture/political podcast, The Ham and Legs Show that later became From The Bunker, with my good friend, Jody Hamilton.

I like to believe that I am also a moderately successful father. Parenting is trial and error, and I just try to make that scale tip more so on the success side than the error side. But just like writing, some days, some weeks, some months, and even some years are more successful than others.

So, what does all this mean?

It means, that as a writer I am more than the sum of my experiences.

I write what I know, what I don’t know, and what the voices in my head proclaim what I should know.

This is my site.

No one writes anything here on my behalf. And, no one sells anything on my behalf

Its sole purpose is to get me work.

And then, more work.

Therefore the Blog that I write will focus on the entertainment industry, whether it be television, film, or any of inhabitant thereof. Kind of an outsider looking in without any pretensions. The Now tab will focus more on what’s currently on my mind, whether that be entertainment, politics, parenting, or whatever pops into my little brain. I have an opinion, right or wrong, but it’s mine.

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  1. Motey says:

    Hi hey you….that’s it, thank you for your time!!!

  2. mom says:

    Your first name? Hummmm……Wait! I know the answer to this………………….., Sorry, must be a senior moment. Mom

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